[tek_testimonialcards tcard_autoplay=”auto_off” tcard_navigation_color=”black-navigation”][tek_testimonialcards_single tcards_author_name=”Trevor” tcards_testimonial_text=”Great service, friendly staff, Our family have been clients for over 10 years, we highly recommend them for your dental needs.” tcards_author_details=”author-bottom” css_animation=”kd-animated fadeInUp”][tek_testimonialcards_single tcards_author_name=”Corey” tcards_testimonial_text=”Went here for the first time to get my teeth cleaned. It was over a year since my last cleaning so it was getting pretty bad. Dan Porter was so gentle and smooth that my gums/mouth didn’t even hurt after. Awesome job.” tcards_author_details=”author-bottom” css_animation=”kd-animated fadeInUp” elem_animation_delay=”200″][tek_testimonialcards_single tcards_author_name=”Joanne” tcards_testimonial_text=”By far the best dental office around. The staff is always very friendly and accommodating! Big thank you to Connie and Diane for all you have done for me, you make my dental visits positive ones. Amazing people!” tcards_author_details=”author-bottom” css_animation=”kd-animated fadeInUp” elem_animation_delay=”400″][tek_testimonialcards_single tcards_author_name=”Candice” tcards_testimonial_text=”Absolutely the kindest dental office I’ve ever been to. Amazing staff made us feel at ease. The best dental experience.” tcards_author_details=”author-bottom”][tek_testimonialcards_single tcards_author_name=”Aimee” tcards_testimonial_text=”My 3 year old daughter had an amazing experience with Connie Farion and her assistant/ hygeinist who was equally amazing! They are incredible!” tcards_author_details=”author-bottom”][/tek_testimonialcards]
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