Connie Farion, D.M.D.

I have been a dentist since graduating from the University in Saskatchewan in Saskatoon in 1999.  Working at Red Deer Dental is something that I am very grateful for; all of our staff have a high level of integrity, both personally and in the workplace.  I am also thankful for my wonderful family- my husband and best friend Rob, stepdaughter Ava, and our 3 dogs.

Some of my passions:

Animal treatment/rescue – many years of active involvement and sponsorship towards spay/neuter clinics in Mexico to help reduce suffering of animals due to overpopulation.  Also, regular support to Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force, and occasional animal fostering for local and international rescue programs.  Previous board member for Medicine River Wildlife Center.

The environment and nature- I have taken education in the field of Permaculture, to help further my knowledge about living a life that is more in sync with nature- through gardening, more natural/sustainable building materials and design, water management, and many other systems that support sustainability of the earth.  To enjoy nature, I love hiking, camping (but not in campgrounds), paddleboarding, kayaking, rollerblading, outdoor yoga, and many other activities.

Music –  I find a great sense of peace when enjoying music (often with a glass of wine!).  My best live musical experience to date was seeing Patrick Watson (Quebec Indie/alternative band) with the Edmonton Symphony.  Other favorite performances- Radiohead in Mexico City (due to the amazing fans there), Dave Matthews outdoors concert near San Diego, Jan Arden in Red Deer, Jesse Cook in Red Deer, Annie Lennox (with Sting) in Edmonton, Kings of Leon, and Pearl Jam

Food and Cooking- cooking “from scratch” with real whole foods actually takes up a lot of my time, but thankfully I enjoy it!

Other volunteer: two dental missions to Guatemala with “Dentistry For All”; to help service communities without access to dental care.

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